Tuesday, March 18, 2014

White 2 Pokédex Completed!!

It was a race to the finish as the countdown to X and Y's release closed in. I was literally making my way to N's castle and then to Dragonspiral Tower while I was waiting for midnight in the parking lot in front of GameStop!

In Black 2, as soon as I became the Champion, I went straight to the Nacrene museum to get my cover fossil and revive Tirtouga. I dropped him off at the daycare and started working my way to Zekrom. It felt like it took forever but I finally found Zoroark in Victory Road and chased him to N's Castle. I met up with N and we battled. My Haxorus and Krookodile didn't have much trouble taking out Zekrom. N gave me the black stone and I left for Icirrus City and got to the top of Dragonspiral Tower. I battled with Zekrom again and this time, Espeon's Yawn put him to sleep after Haxorus brought his health down with Dragon Claw and False Swipe. I caught him with an Ultra ball. All that was left was to pick up and evolve Tirtouga. I gave him the experience share and worked on him until he finally turned into Carracosta. I traded them over to white 2 and brought Carracosta to the daycare and left him with the Ditto that was still there from all the other eggs I've been making. It didn't take too long to hatch the egg and then go visit Professor Juniper to get my charms! I finished with about 20 minutes to spare before GameStop started letting people in to get their copies of X and Y. I didn't have any time to try shiny hunting with my new Shiny charm (I really want to try and breed some shiny Eevees), but I at least accomplished my goal. Once I am "finished" playing through X and Y, I want to try and pick SoulSilver and White back up to finish them as well.

Event Pokémon

Over the years I have obtained a lot of event Pokémon, most of them in multiples due to having a copy of each game. I used to work at Toys R' Us, so I had perfect opportunities to obtain most of those events and I've been to GameStop for a large number of events as well. I compiled a list of all of the events I currently have.

Pikachu – Ash
Mew – FAL2010
Pichu (Pikachu Colored) – SPR2010
Pichu (notched ear)
Raikou – WIN2011
Entei – WIN2011
Suicune – WIN2011
Celebi – WIN2011
Torchic – XY
Jirachi – WISHMKR
Jirachi – GAMESTP
Deoxys – Gamestp
Deoxys – Plasma
Dialga – SUM2013
Palkia – SUM2013
Giratina – SUM2013
Regigigas – TRU
Arceus – TRU
Victini (Liberty Pass)
Keldeo – SMR2012
Keldeo – WIN2013
Meloetta – SPR2013
Genesect – Plasma

Unfortunately, I have never obtained a legitimate event Darkrai or Shaymin. The ones I had in Platinum were the ones programmed into the game, but not accessible without receiving an event item. I used an action replay code that allowed me to get the required items and go catch them. Since they are actually there in the game just waiting to be captured, I don't consider them to be hacks, just not obtained legitimately. I will be on the lookout for real event versions of them in the global trade station, especially if they turn out to be unable to transfer to Pokémon Bank, but until then, I will continue to use them to complete my Pokédex. For anyone interested in what it's like to catch Shaymin and Darkrai using those event items, see below.

UPDATE: I got on the trade forums at Serebii.net and found someone that had both Darkrai and Shaymin they were willing to trade. I traded a couple of extra event Pokémon I had multiples of and now I have a legitimate Shaymin and Darkrai for my living Pokédex!

Event Items

The action replay codes I used trigger the delivery man the same way an event download does. He shows up at the shop and gives you whichever item you use the code for. The event items include Oak's Letter (for catching Shaymin), the Azure Flute (for catching Arceus), the Member Pass (for catching Darkrai), and the Manaphy Egg (for hatching Manaphy). The Manaphy Egg is actually obtainable without an event, but it requires you to complete the story in the original Pokemon Ranger game and connect to Pokemon Diamond/Pearl/Platinum. I witnessed this when my brother beat Pokemon Ranger and transferred his egg to his Diamond. Once you have received the event item, you still have some work to do to before you get the matching pokemon. Manaphy requires you to hatch the egg like any other egg you receive from the daycare couple, but Arceus, Darkrai and Shaymin each have special locations in the game that you have to reach.

Catching Shaymin

If you've ever taken the alternate path inside of Victory Road and made it to Route 224, you've probably found it to be a dead end with a big White Rock that seems to do nothing. If you arrive with Oak's Letter in hand, Professor Oak will be standing there. When you talk to him, the whole place will be transformed. Grass and Flowers cover everything and a VERY LONG path will open just behind the White Rock. The long path is called the Seabreak Path and it leads to the Flower Paradise, where Shaymin is. Shaymin is level 30.

After catching/battling Shaymin, the Flower Paradise and Seabreak Path disappear and Route 224 goes back to normal.

Catching Darkrai

Canalave City, the port town where the little boy is trapped in a nightmare and needs the Lunar Wing to wake, is also the home of Darkrai. The northeastern-most  house with the door that is "tightly shut" and "appears impossible to open" can only be opened when you have the Member Pass. There is a weird man inside that talks you into taking a nap.

When you "wake up", you are warped to mysterious island known as Newmoon Island. I'm not sure why there is a boat parked next to the island; you never get on it. Just like with Cresselia at Fullmoon Island, the only thing on the island is an opening that leads to a small cave/forest where Darkrai is waiting.

Darkrai is level 40 in Diamond/Pearl and level 50 in Platinum. After you catch/battle it, you are warped back to the strange house in Canalave City and you wake up in the bed. The weird man is gone and once you step outside the house, the sailor that takes you to Iron Island and Fullmoon Island walks by and talks to you. Then the house goes back to being locked.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Pokémon White 2 Pokédex

I have been spending a lot of time at the Poké Transfer and the Daycare the past couple of days. This was actually my first time transferring Pokémon from Gen 4 to Gen 5. I like the little mini game a lot more than doing the catching shows at the Pal Park because it takes a lot less time and it's great being able to transfer more than once per day. I've been sending Pokémon over from Diamond and Platinum to White 2, and to make sure I don't completely obliterate my boxes in the older games, I've mostly been transferring fully evolved Pokémon and taking them to the daycare with Ditto to make eggs. I ran into a bit of a problem with Nidoqueen when I forgot she couldn't breed. I had to load up FireRed, catch some extra Nidoran (f) at the Safari Zone, and transfer them to Diamond. I think everything I need between Bulbasaur and Arceus is an unevolved form of a Pokémon I have already caught or transferred over, except for the legendary beasts. I have multiple event versions of the legendary beasts, but I'm going to transfer the ones I caught in HeartGold over to White 2 for the living Pokédex. Here is my progress so far:

I forgot just how much of the Pokédex I already had complete on Platinum. I got lucky somehow. All of the old pokemon that had new evolutions in Gen 4 were there except for a few that I managed to get in Diamond. And Mismagius. I've never evolved a Misdreavus before. Other than her, I don't know how it worked out so perfectly.

My goal for the next 9 days is to finish breeding, hatch all these eggs and connect with Black and Black 2 to make sure I get the rest of the Gen 5 section of the Pokédex complete. Black 2 has 5 badges. I'm going to have to work hard to get it far enough to catch Zekrom before the 12th. Otherwise it will all go on hold while I play through X and Y. I've seen some of the leaks and I am getting very excited for these games. I can't wait!

Pokédex Completion: Unova - Seen 282, Obtained 247
                                National - Seen 519, Obtained 457

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Diamond Update 9/28

Only a quick update for right now. I just finished transferring a batch of Pokémon from FireRed to the Pal Park and I now have at least the final stage of every evolutionary family from the first 3 Generations transferred to Diamond except for the Johto legendaries and Deoxys. The Johto Legendaries are all stored on my HeartGold cart and I have an event Deoxys in Platinum.

My focus now will be to finish collecting the Sinnoh Pokémon. My Platinum cart has most of them, so between the two games I should be able to finish pretty quickly. Then I can start transferring them all to White 2. I'm not as far from my Shiny Charm as I thought I was! I haven't finished SoulSilver or White yet, but I'm going to focus on actually completing my living pokédex before X and Y are released and come back to them while I wait for Pokémon Bank to be released.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Diamond Update 9/25

I haven't posted an update in a long time! I've been pretty busy with work and other projects, but I'm still attempting to make time for my Pokédex Quest when I can. At this point, I'm not sure if I will be able to complete the entire Pokédex before October 12th, but the News of Pokémon Bank in December gives me a bit of an extension, even if it means putting my Quest aside for X and Y and picking it back up when I have finished the stories in those.

My Diamond game is nearly finished. I collected the rest of the badges and defeated the Pokemon League, then headed straight to the Pal Park. I've been transferring 30 Pokémon everyday from my Gen 3 games to Diamond and arranging them in a living dex in the boxes. The Image below shows an accurate representation of my first 13 boxes. The highlighted Pokémon are the ones I have either caught during the story or transferred from the Gameboy Advance Games. I've been transferring all the evolved forms so that I can just hatch eggs for the unevolved forms.

Pokédex Completion: Sinnoh - Seen 150, Obtained 113
                              National - Seen 310, Obtained 273

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Soul Silver Update 8/13

I've spent most of my game playing opportunities playing White these past couple days, but I put some time into SoulSilver as well. Since I was playing during the day this time, I returned to Route 29 to catch Sentret and Pidgey and collect another green apricorn.
On Route 30, I got another apricorn and caught Weedle, which I trained to Kakuna and then to Beedrill. I battled a couple trainers and reached Route 31 and the entrance to Dark Cave. I stayed long enough to catch Zubat, which actually took longer than expected thanks to all the Geodude. Back on Route 31, I tried to find Bellsprout but only ran into Weedle and Pidgey. So I moved on to Violet City.
I didn't do much in the city right away. I went on to Route 32 to catch more Pokémon in the little grass patch before the man that prevents you from going ahead without Falkner's badge. It was between 5pm and 6pm so I had less than an hour to find Hoppip, but it didn't take me too long. I caught Hoppip, Mareep, Ekans and Bellsprout. After 6pm I was able to also find Wooper.
Next I went to Sprout Tower and battled the Sages to earn the TM for Flash (I'll probably never use it...). I managed to catch Ghastly while I was on the top floor.
Before taking on Falkner, I explored the Ruins of Alph, solving the Kabuto puzzle and using the Escape Rope from the top of the Bellsprout Tower to unlock the first secret chamber. Unown B was the first one I saw, so it is the one in my Pokédex. I've never found A first. The only way I've had A as the one that gets added to the Pokédex was by using Pokémon Box to transfer Unown A to my games before I saw another Unown. I've also used that method to get K as the one added. Anyway, I caught A through I so their forms are all recorded in my Pokédex.
My Geodude had an easy time dealing with the birds in Violet Gym once she learned Rock Throw. She took out Falkner's Pidgey with ease, but Pidgeotto scored a critical hit and almost knocked her out, so I switched to Mareep to finish it off and they both leveled up at the same time.

Now I'm heading down Route 32 toward Azalea Town.

Current Pokédex Completion: Seen 26, Obtained 19

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Diamond Update 7/30

I ran north of Oreburgh to Route 207 to do some leveling and catch Machop. While I was there, Shinx evolved into Luxio. Since Kricketot evolves early, I spent a little time training one of them to evolve into Kricketune. Without a bike, Route 207 is another dead end so I went back to Oreburgh to make my way back to Jubilife.

I went north to Route 204 again. I taught Machop how to Rock Smash and cut through the Ravaged Path to the other end of Route 204. There weren't any new Pokémon before reaching Floaroma Town. I talked to all the people in town, then headed east to the Valley Windworks. I couldn't get inside without a key, but I caught Buizel, Pachirisu, and Shellos in the grass outside. One of the Buizel I caught has a good mix of IVs so I'm using it in my team.

I returned to Floaroma and took the northeast exit to the Meadow, handled two more Galactic Grunts and rescued the guy that sells honey. He gave me the Windworks key and a sample of his honey, which I slathered on the tree by his house. Then I ran back to the Valley Windworks to remove the Galactic infestation. I didn't have any problems against the commander thanks to Kadabra and Machop. The little girl from Route 205 was reunited wither her dad and I slathered honey on the tree outside of the Windworks before healing in Floaromo and traveling up Route 205. I battled all the trainers and healed at the house in front of the entrance to the forest.

Inside the Eterna Forest, I had to pair up with Cheryl, a girl with a Chansey. It's very difficult to catch the Pokémon you want during these team ups, so my strategy is to travel in the grass as little as possible while I get the person to the other end of the route we are traveling together and backtrack by myself to catch Pokémon. Cheryl and I defeated all the trainer pairs and made it to the exit with only one wild Pokémon  ppearance. Once she left, I went back and started catching new Pokémon. I found Silcoon, Murkrow, Wurmple, Buneary, and Beautifly. I caught a couple extra Wurmple to try and evolve into Cascoon and Dustox.

I finally made it to Eterna City and walked around talking to lots of different people. I found the underground man and got my Explorer Kit. I did the underground training and even found a moon stone while I was down there. Then I went to the Gym and beat Gardenia and her Grass pokemon. Roserade defeated Kadabra in one hit but Staravia beat her. I walked around town looking for any more freebies, and then backtracked to check on all the trees I slathered honey on. One wasn't ready, one had a Wurmple and the last one had a Silcoon. I was a little disappointed. I teleported back to Eterna and saved the game.

Current Pokédex Completion: Seen 39, Obtained 25