Thursday, May 30, 2013

Starting FireRed and LeafGreen

Whenever I play a pair of games, I play as the boy character in one and the girl character in the other, just as a way to make it different between the two games. Like I did with Ruby and Sapphire, I just named the character after the game so later when I am looking at my pokemon collection, I will be able to tell which game the pokemon came from. My original collection on Pokemon Box just had hundreds of pokemon caught by "Kyle", and I had no clue where each one originally came from. I don't know why it mattered, but it just became something I did. In FireRed, my character is a boy named Red and in LeafGreen my character is a girl named Green.

I began FR and LG by making sure both games have all three starter Pokémon. After all, the point of this play through is to complete the pokedex. I started multiple new games on both carts and traded the starter pokemon from each one until they both ended up with all 3. In one of the save files on FR, before I made it back to Professor Oak's lab with his Parcel, I saw a shiny Pidgey. /)_- I was disappointed that I couldn't catch it, so I defeated it and my starter leveled up. Green hasn't progressed any further than trading for the other two starter pokemon. I'm playing through FR first, and since trading for his other two starters, I have earned the Boulder Badge, trekked through Mount Moon, and arrived in Cerulean City. I have caught 2-3 of every Pokémon available along the way and managed to evolve a few. 

My current Pokédex completion: Seen 32, Own 24.

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