Wednesday, June 19, 2013

FireRed & LeafGreen Update 6/19


I wandered Cerulean Cave battling some of the strongest wild Pokémon in the world. I didn't catch any as I made my way to the bottom of the cave; my Pokédex only needed data for one Pokémon from here. I took every ladder and followed every path to find all of the items as I searched. Finally I found my target. Mewtwo was just sitting there on a small, secluded island inside the cave, like he was waiting for me. Our battle began. My first attempt at making a catch was with Ultra Balls, but he kept recovering the damage I inflicted on him and he easily knocked out most of my Pokemon in 1 or 2 hits. I didn't have enough time to whittle him down and keep him in the red, even with putting him to sleep. I changed tactics and went with my gift from the President of Silph, the Master Ball.

I soft reset the game for a while hoping to find a shiny, but I don't have the patience to keep doing it for long periods of time so after 25 or so I finally kept one with a Naughty nature and called it a day. Dugtrio dug us out of the cave and Swablu flew us back to Four Island. I connected with Emerald to trade a female Eevee evolution to get a couple more quick Eevee eggs and after they hatched, I traded 1 to Sapphire (clock is frozen at 4:30 PM) and raised it's friendship until it evolved into Espeon, then traded it back to FireRed. I did the same thing with Ruby (clock is frozen at 8:50 AM) and the second Eevee to get Umbreon. My main goal in FireRed now is to collect extras of all of the Pokemon that can't be obtained in LeafGreen to trade them over when LeafGreen is finished with the story.

FireRed PokéDex Completion: Kanto - Seen 149, Own 139
National - Seen 317, Own 304

Those are the Pokémon I still need to obtain data for to complete the Kanto Pokédex in FireRed. Magmar is the one I haven't seen yet. I have a Haunter ready evolve into Gengar as soon as I trade it and a Tyrogue to evolve into Hitmonchan. Lickitung is available via in-game trade once I track down an extra Golduck and Tangela is located south of Pallet. I chose the Dome Fossil and the rest are LeafGreen exclusive so it is just a matter of catching up in LeafGreen and trading them over.


My starter Pokémon for this file is Squirtle, just like the first time I ever played Pokémon. I caught Pidgey and Rattata on Route 1 after I received my PokeDex and Poke balls from Professor Oak. I caught Spearow and Manky west of Viridian City. I battled my Rival for the second time, and actually had a close call. Luckily I had some potions on hand.

I decided to make my leveling in this game easier so I can move through the story faster. I traded my Exp. Share (attached to a Growlithe) from FireRed over to this game so I could have it right from the start. It made it much easier to get Butterfree and Beedrill while I was roaming the Viridian Forest. It took me forever to find Pikachu this time around. When I finally found one, Butterfree's tackle knocked it out in one hit. O_O So I started searching again. When I finally found a second one, I didn't even bother attacking. I just threw a ball and caught it. I immediately gave the Exp. Share to Pikachu and went on my way.

Manky and Squirtle made short work of Brock and his junior trainer. As soon as I stepped out of the gym, I walked east and got my running shoes from the Professor's aid. Then I healed, and headed for Mount Moon. I battled all of the trainers on route 3 and hunted for Nidoran and Jigglypuff. I leveled all of my Pokemon to level 14 by battling wild Pidgey, Spearow, Manky, Nidoran and Jigglypuff and saved my progress at the Pokemon center outside Mount Moon.

LeafGreen PokéDex Completion: Seen 21, Own 17

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