Monday, June 3, 2013

FireRed Update 6/3

Since my last update, I beat my rival and defeated the Nugget Bridge challenge. I made my way to Bill's house and rescued him from his weird transformation experiment. Got back to Cerulean and beat Misty. Then I moved on to Vermillion where I again beat my rival. Then I rubbed the captain's back and got my HM01. Then I continued training my pokemon and took on Lt. Surge without any trouble. Took Diglett's cave to get back to Pewter for the Old Amber and HM05 (and traded an extra Abra for Mr. Mime), then back to Cerulean to get my Bike and headed east to the Rock Tunnel. Made it through the whole tunnel without seeing a single Onix, so after I got to Lavender and healed, I went right back to the tunnel to look for Onix and ran into this guy:

After the shiny Zubat, I finally found an Onix and headed for Celadon City. Went to the Gym and Charmeleon, Kadabra, and Pidgeotto cleared out the whole place. Now it's time to get the Silph Scope.

Current PokéDex completion: Seen 82, Own 48

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