Friday, June 28, 2013

Green VS. Koga

“A mere child like you challenges me? The very idea makes me shiver with mirth. Very well, I shall show you true terror as a ninja master. Poison brings steady doom. Sleep renders foes helpless. Despair to the creeping horror of Poison-type Pokémon! GO! Koffing!”
“Kadabra, you first!”

The two Pokémon appear in flash of light as they materialize from their Poké balls. Kadabra leads off with a Psychic attack that drops Koffing like a deflated balloon. Her speed and special attack powers are too high for Koffing to even stand a chance.
“Humph! I see you have some skill. Let’s see how you fare against… Muk!”

“Let’s not hog all the fun, Kadabra. Come back. Go! Sandslash!”

Koffing and Kadabra are returned to their poke balls in a flash and replaced with Muk and Sandslash. Sandslash starts digging underground while Muk begins shrinking in size. Sandslash immediately resurfaces directly under Muk, nearly depleting his health and Muk responds with Acid Armor, becoming more protected by its putrid, filthy epidermis.

“Sorry, Koga, but that’s not gonna be good enough. Sandslash, use Slash!”

“Don’t get ahead of yourself child! Hyper Potion!”

Muk regains his health and Sandslash misses his mark. The Minimize attack Muk used earlier paid off.

“Dig, Sandslash!” Green instructs, but this dig ends in a miss as Muk continues to build up his protective acid. “Try again!” Muk continues to condense its own body in order to raise evasiveness, but Sandslash manages a hit. Unfortunately, the acid is doing its job and the attack barely makes a scratch. “Keep Slashing!”

Sandslash obeys, swinging her claws through the air and lands a Critical Hit, leaving Muk with just the tiniest amount of HP. However, Muk follows by poisoning Sandslash with a deadly Toxic attack! She will continue to lose health if Green doesn’t end this quickly. Sandslash attempts another slashing attack, but Koga uses his second Hyper Potion, bringing Muk back to full health before it hits, dealing less damage than the previous Dig attack. And again, Sandslash takes damage from the poison. This battle isn’t looking good for Sandslash.

Sandslash continues to slash away at the blob of toxic waste and Muk continues to minimize. Finally, Green decides to pull Sandslash back and bring Kadabra back to the battle.

“Sandslash needs help! Go, Kadabra!”

But this was a poor choice on Green’s part. Kadabra is hit with a Sludge attack and her Psychic attack misses, leaving her open for another Sludge attack that knocks her out.

“Oh no! Kadabra!” Green runs out onto the field to try and comfort her friend before returning her to the Poké ball. “Don’t worry, Kadabra, it’s not over yet. Raichu, your turn!”

Green sends out Raichu and attempts to paralyze Muk with Thunder Wave, but the attack misses. “Toxic!” Koga shouts and Muk hits Raichu with the same deadly poison that infected Sandslash. Raichu’s next Thunder Wave hits its mark and paralyzes Muk, but is it enough to turn the tide? Green yells, “Thunderbolt!” at the same time Koga yells, “Minimize!”

Raichu’s powerful electricity brings Muk down below half health for the third time and Muk shrinks a little more. “One more time!” Green directs her Raichu. An amazing burst of electricity shoots out of Raichu’s cheeks and hits Muk in the middle of his blobby chest, bringing his health to zero.

“Humph! You pulled it off. I admit you have some skill, Green, but your technique lacks the subtlety and precision of a ninja. Muk inflicted some serious damage on you. You have not yet proven to be worthy of victory. Koffing! You’re next!”

Green forgoes the opportunity to switch Pokémon. Without Kadabra, she doesn’t stand a chance against the Toxic onslaught. She knows that she has to revive him and get him back in the game. Raichu takes damage from the poison, dropping below half, and Green uses her Revive.

“Smokescreen, Koffing! Show her how difficult it is to fight something you can’t see.”

Koffing decreases Raichu’s accuracy and Raichu takes more damage from the poison. Green uses a Super Potion on Raichu, but the combination of Koffing’s Sludge and the poison already in his system is too much and Raichu faints.

“If only I had Hyper Potions! You did your best Raichu, I’ll have you back to full health soon. Kadabra, it’s time to take this battle back!”

Kadabra comes out blasting a beam of Psychic energy directly at Koffing, who goes down in one hit.

“Very good, but your Kadabra has taken a lot of damage. And now it’s time for you to meet my strongest Pokémon, Weezing!”

“We’re not backing down! Kadabra, Psychic!” Kadabra extends her arm and the twisted spoon in her hand contorts as Weezing shrieks in agony and falls, completely out of energy.

With a scowl, yet aslmost a hint of a smile, Koga says, “Humph! You have proven your worth! Here! Take the Soul Badge!”

As Green gazes down at her new badge, she remembers the intense training she and her friends went through over the last couple days in order to earn this badge…

to be continued...

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