Monday, June 24, 2013

LeafGreen Update 6/24

I've been progressing slower than I wanted to during the last week. I blame it on Animal Crossing: New Leaf. It's just as addictive as the original Animal Crossing was on the Game Cube. I have made some progress since the last update though.

I made my way through Mount Moon and managed to catch a couple Geodude, Zubat, Paras and Clefairy. I started training a Paras with the borrowed Exp. Share and noticed it wasn't learning new moves quickly so I took a look at it's move pool on Serebii and realized that it wouldn't be able to help me against Misty for quite some time. I put it back in the PC and continued working on my other pokemon instead. I would just hold out for Bellsprout.

When I got out of Mount Moon, I picked up some Sandshrew on Route 4, and entered Cerulean City. After making small adjustments to my team and healing, I returned to Route 4 and leveled my pokemon all to level 16 (hello Wartortle) before taking on my rival and the Nugget Bridge challenge. Pikachu zapped his Pidgeotto (which evolved early at only level 17 o.O), Manky smacked Rattata, Wartortle blasted Abra (poor thing never stood a chance) and Pidgy blew Ivysaur away. Then I beat the trainers on the bridge, received my first Nugget, and rejected an offer to join Team Rocket. Honestly, any team that would keep Jessie and James on that long is just too pathetic for me to consider joining.

After the bridge, I went directly to the grass with Butterfree in the lead to look for some new pokemon. The first thing I found was an Abra (I would have been so happy if this was a Nuzlocke Challenge). Butterfree's Sleep Powder made it easy to catch those elusive Abra. I caught a few of them and Bellsprout and returned to the center to adjust my team again. I chose a Hardy Sandshrew, a Modest Bellsprout and a Modest Abra to join my team and equipped Bellsprout with the Exp. Share. Then I made my way north again to get the rest of the way to Bill's house. Once Bellsprout got to level 16, I moved the Exp. Share to Abra. When we made it to Bill's, I helped him undo his weird transformation experiment and he gave me a ticket to ride on the S.S. Anne (What is with this guy always trying to get me out on open water o.O). I pretended to leave, but went back inside to make sure he wasn't repeating his strange experiment (he wasn't, I guess he learned his lesson) and added Eevee and it's evolutions' pages to my Pokédex.

I walked back to Cerulean to heal and returned to Route 4 to make sure most of my pokemon were at level 18 before taking on Misty. Abra was still holding on to the exp. share, but as I was working on leveling Pikachu, Bellsprout, Wartortle and Pidgey, Pidgey and Abra leveled to 18 and 16 at the same time and both evolved. I moved the Exp. Share to Sandshrew and went back to heal and finally face Misty.

With Pikachu and Bellsrpout on my team, Misty and her flunkies didn't stand a chance. The battles put Bellsprout up to level 19 and Sandshrew made it up to 16. I received my Cascade Badge and a TM for Water Pulse and then went back to the center to heal and save the game.

Current Pokédex completion: 46 Seen, 27 Owned

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