Wednesday, June 26, 2013

LeafGreen Update 6/26

Does anyone else find it a little strange that the only way to get out of Cerulean City is to walk through someone's house and use the gaping hole in the wall left by a thief...?

The house that was previously blocked by a police officer was now open to me. I went inside to find the place completely ransacked (It reminded me of my bedroom in Nuvema Town after Bianca and I had our first battle... Oh wait... Wrong game). The man inside told me his TM was stolen. I went out his new back door and found the guy that stole the TM (what was he still doing at the scene of the crime? There is a cop right on the other side of the house!) He challenged me to a battle and lost. He handed over the stolen TM and disapeared. I walked back inside to return the TM, and the man was already so over losing the TM that he wouldn't take it back. And that is the story of how I got the TM for Dig. I am happy to say Sandshrew now has a ground attack.

I made my way south along Route 5 from there, walking through the tall grass in the middle of the path to make sure I found Meowth, but I couldn't continue on to Saffron (stupid thirsty guards) so I took the underground path to Route 6 and Vermilion instead. In Vermilion I picked up an Old Rod and caught Magikarp. Then I switched out Pidgeotto for the extra Spearow I caught and traded it for Farfetch'd. For listening to a long rant about favorite Pokémon, I received a voucher for a free bike (I would listen to someone rant about Pokémon for a $1,000,000 bike any day of the week!). Then I headed east out of town to do some training before getting on the boat. I stopped in at Diglett's Cave and caught some Diglett then went back to the Pokémon Center to heal and switch Diglett into my team. On Route 11 I battled all of the trainers and leveled both Diglett and Sandshrew to level 21. At the end of the Route, I got the Itemfinder from one of Professor Oak's aids. I also caught Drowzee while I was wandering the grass.

I figured it was time to board the S.S. Anne and see this party that Bill gave me his invitation to. Unfortunately, the party was already over. There were still plenty of people to talk to and items to collect though. One of the more interesting characters was this guy claiming to be a global police agent on the trail of Team Rocket. Who tells a 10 year old kid that unless they are lying? I battled all the trainers, sailors and passengers alike, and got all of my Pokémon to level 21-22. Bellsprout evolved into Weepinbell while I was battling sailors on the bottom floor. When I got to my rival, he told me he has already captured 40 kinds of Pokémon. I'm only at 33. There are only 3 possibilities: 1) he has the evolved forms of most/all of the Pokémon I have captured so far; 2) he pleasured the guards around Saffron to get ahead of me or 3) he is outright lying. Anyway, we battled and Pikachu almost got beat by a bird, Kadabra OHKO'd both Raticate and Ivysaur, and Wartortle bit Kadabra until it gave up. With him out of the way, I met the cut master/captain and rubbed his back to help him get over his seasickness. He still wasn't shipshape, so he gave me the HM01 to see cut for myself. I departed the ship, watched it sail away, and returned to the Pokémon Center to heal and save before facing Lt. Surge.

Current Pokédex completion: Seen 61, Owned 33

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