Thursday, June 27, 2013

LeafGreen Update 6/27 Part 2

My rival managed to knock out Manky and Pikachu. So I decided to train Pikachu the same way I trained Vulpix. By making it battle everyone and everything I saw until it learned Thunderbolt and then give it a Thunder Stone. So Pikachu battled lots of Ghastly until it reached level 26 and I evolved him to Raichu. Manky had to wait since most of his attacks don't work on Ghastly. The first wild Pokémon I found in the Pokémon Tower was Cubone and I caught it thanks to Pikachu and Ninetales. I accidentally knocked out the first wild Ghastly I faced because it used Curse after I used Thundershock. I hit the second one I faced with Thunder Wave and kept using Double Team but it never used Curse so I hit it with a Thundershock and caught it. I found a second Cubone before I passed the floor with the healing tile. I didn't catch Haunter until after all the Rockets were defeated. 

Mr. Fuji invited me to his house and gave me the Poké Flute as a reward for "helping him with Team Rocket". Now I could finally wake up Snorlax and go south. I decided to catch the one on Route 16 next to Celadon City this time. I tried to keep Snorlax asleep with Sleep Powder and whittle him down. That didn't work out so well. He never stayed asleep for long and would keep Resting. So finally I just switched to Manky and Karate Chopped until Snorlax was in the red and threw a Great Ball before he could use Rest again. I also caught Raticate and Doduo in the grass above Snorlax. I would have earlier, but that battle with the Young Couple took a lot out of me and I rushed off to the center. Once I captured the first Snorlax, I flew to Lavender and ran south to the second Snorlax. Just like Red, I didn't plan on catching the second one. Ninetales confused and burned him, and then gave him a continuous Flamethrower barrage. This Snorlax must have been stubborn because he never tried to use rest. He hurt himself twice and tried to Snore once (I'll chalk that up to Confuse Ray) so he never even touched Ninetales. When the path was clear, I quickly grabbed the Super Rod from the Fishing Guru's younger brother and went back to Celadon to take Cycling Road down to Fuchsia.

I hopped on my bike, battled a few bikers and coasted south, catching Fearow on the way, and arrived in Fuchsia City. I crossed the town and got the Exp. Share from Oak's Aid (now I can return Red's) and went straight to the Safari Zone. I played in there for hours. I caught everything except Dragonair and some of the water pokemon (I want my trip to Seafoam to be worth it after all). I think I made 5 or 6 trips in and once I reached an area that had pokemon I was looking for, just turned on the spot or kept casting out to battle without running down my step counter. I must have seen 4-5 each of Dratini, Tauros, Kangaskhan, Chansey, and Pinsir and only managed to catch 1 of each except Dratini and Pinsir. I only saw 1 Nidoran (male) the whole time I was in there and luckily I caught it. I didn't really want to settle for the in-game trade for Mr Nido. I aslo found the Warden's teeth and made it to the secret house in area 4 to get HM03.

Once I was done in the Safari Zone, I evolved an Exeggcute into Exeggutor with a leaf stone I found on the ground of area 3 (I think) and the Growlithe from Red into Arcanine with a fire stone from the Celadon Department Store to add them to my pokedex. Now I need to focus on raising my pokemon to take on Koga and Sabrina. They both have a level 43 as their strongest pokemon and my current highest is Ninetales at 30. I'm going to wander Routes 12-18 and battle all the trainers I can find and catch any other Pokemon I don't have yet (I know Ditto is found around there).

Current Pokedex Completion: Seen 100, Owned 67

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