Thursday, June 27, 2013

LeafGreen Update 6/27 Part 1

Battling against Lt. Surge's underlings got Sandshrew to level 22 and she evolved into Sandslash. Diglett beat all 3 of Lt. Surge's Pokémon on her own and in one hit (Magnitude 8 and 9 tends to do that to electric pokemon). Thunderbadge and TM34 obtained. On my way back to the Pokémon Center, I noticed one of Professor Oak's aids at the entrance to town. He told me another aid was hangin' at Route 2 with a gift from the professor. How many aids does this guy have?

After refreshing and making a few quick team changes, I ran over to Diglett's Cave and backtracked to Route 2. I traded a kid in the first house an Abra for Mr. Mime and went further south to the building where the aid was hangin'. He gave me HM05 for catching at least 10 Pokémon. Then I went north into Pewter and Cut my way into the employee side of the Museum and got the Old Amber from a man who was laughed at for believing it might hold Pokémon DNA. Then Kadabra teleported me back to Vermilion and I again headed north to return to Cerulean with my Bike Voucher in hand.

I traveled east from Cerulean after picking up my Bike and battled the trainers on Route 9: Bug catchers, Junior Trainers, Hikers and Lasses with the usual grass, bug, fighting, rock, normal and poison pokemon. In the grass on Route 10, I caught a Voltorb and in the Pokémon Center another Oak aid offered me an Everstone if I had captured 20 or more Pokémon. After that I was ready to head into the Rock Tunnel.

Manky grew a lot in the Rock Tunnel, partially thanks to the Exp. Share. She went from level 16 to level 23. A kid in the tunnel also taught her Rock Slide so now she can handle birds much easier. My whole team reached level 23-24 before we made it out of the tunnel and I added Machop and Onyx to my Pokédex.

Lavender Town is really boring until you come back with the Silph Scope, so I healed and passed right through. I bypassed as many trainers as I could between the Rock Tunnel exit and the grass on Route 8. I wanted to catch a Vulpix and give it the Exp. Share before battling all those trainers. I caught 3 for now. I'm training one with a Timid nature, and one will be traded to Red. I think there were 15 trainers between routes 8 and 10. Once I was done battling all of them, Vulpix had grown 7 levels and Kadabra and Pidgeotto both grew 2. Vulpix was now at 22 and the rest were 24-25 when I got to the the Celadon Pokémon Center.

After I healed, I went to the back of the Game Freak building and got my Eevee, to the front of the Game Freak building to get some tea for the guards, to the diner to get my coin case, to the Department Store to pick up some evolution stones, and to the secret retreat on Route 16 to get HM02. I made the mistake of taking on Young Couple Lea and Jed in a double battle. They had a level 29 Ninetales and a level 29 Rapidash. I managed to beat them but it was a very difficult battle. Rapidash's Stomp knocked out Kadabra in one hit and Ninetales kept confusing Wartortle and he was hitting himself more than the enemy. Pidgeotto fainted from from a burn and a couple Quick Attacks that were faster than his own Quick Attack. Vulpix gained another level so it wasn't all bad. I definitely wasn't ready for Erika though, so I went to train on route 7. After a while I got tired of fighting wild Pokémon so I went to the Game Corner and picked up coins and decided to play until I ran out of coins. I picked up 310 and played until I was almost out, then I started winning. And winning. I was betting 3 every time and I won more than I can remember ever winning. Porygon is cheaper in this game so I decided to buy it instead of trade one over from Emerald like I did with FireRed.  

I decided to continue my training in the basement of the Game Corner. After obtaining the Lift Key, I took the elevator down to the bottom floor and battled Giovanni. Weepinbell took care of his rock/ground Pokémon and I used Vulpix against Kangaskhan. I confused an burned him, but he snapped out of confusion after only 1 turn and a Mega Punch knocked Vulpix out. Pidgeotto had to finish the job. I got my Silph Scope (I wonder why it was never part of the game to return the Silph Scope to whoever it was stolen from?) and left to heal. Everyone made it to level 25 or 26. 

I still didn't feel ready to take on Erika. I wanted Vulpix to know Flamethrower before facing her. I returned to Route 7 to work on leveling again. I also used some of the trainers in Erika's gym. I even said hi to Master Roshi on my way in. As soon as Vulpix learned Flamethrower, I evolved her into Ninetales. I healed everyone up and returned to finally face Erika. Pidgeotto took care of Weepinbell and Ninetales handled Tangela and Vileplume. Vileplume was almost knocked out with the first Flamethrower but she held on and used Sleep Powder. Erika used a Hyper Potion while Ninetales was snoozing. When Ninetales finally woke, she used Confuse Ray and Vileplume hit herself. Erika used a Full Heal to get rid of the confusion, but Ninetales was able to knock her out in one more blow. Erika handed over the Rainbowbadge and a TM for Giga Drain. Now it's back to Lavender and the haunted tower.

Current Pokédex completion: Seen 62, Owned 43

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