Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Diamond Update 7/17

On Route 202 I caught Shinx and Kricketot. In Jubilife, I got a Town Map from my rival, TM10 for beating the two kids at the Trainer School, and found the three clowns and got a Poketch. Someone also gave me a Quick Claw, which I gave to Turtwig to hold.

Next, I went west to Route 218 and got an Old Rod in the gatehouse between Jubillife and the route. I used my new Old Rod to catch Magikarp. There was no where else to go, so I turned around and went back.

When I got back to Jubilife I headed north to Route 204 where I caught Budew and battled some trainers. One kid had Magikarp. It wasn't even worth battling him. Beating his Starly got my Shinx to level 10 though.

I stepped into the Ravaged Path long enough to catch Zubat (shocking, I know) and Geodude. It took forever to find Geodude, but I got 2 in a row. I didn't even want to try for Psyduck. The cave was a dead end for now, so I went back to Jubilife City again.

I finally headed east to Route 203 and Oreburgh City where the first gym is located. As soon as I stepped foot on the route, my rival was ready for a battle. I had Turtwig in front against his Starly. Quick Attack was only doing about 4 damage to Turtwig and in 3 Tackles, Starly was down. I used Shinx against his Chimchar. The two must have had the same speed because they kept alternating who would attack first. Shinx's Tackle wasn't doing much damage and she missed once. Chimchar used Leer a couple times and knocked Shinx out with only two Scratches. Starly finished off Chimachar with a Wing Attack and grew to level 11. I went back and healed, then ran in the grass of Route 203 until I found Abra. Usually I would use a bug or grass pokemon with Sleep Powder to catch Abra, but I don't have one so I just threw a ball and hoped that it would stick. It didn't. The first time. The second Abra I found stayed in the ball.

It was getting late (in my backwards life where 10:00 AM is late) and I needed sleep before work so I saved there and turned my DS off.

Current Pokédex Completion: Seen 12, Obtained 12

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  1. Glad to see another player trying to complete the Pokédex before the release of X and Y! I also started playing during Generation I, but I stopped after Crystal. Last summer I picked up Pearl and I was addicted again. I recently bought all of the other games and I've been trying to complete the Pearl Pokédex (excluding event Pokémon) before October. I'm bummed that I missed out on all of the event exclusives, but hopefully they will be rereleased on X and Y.

    Keep us posted - I am excited to hear your current progress!