Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Diamond Update 7/30

I ran north of Oreburgh to Route 207 to do some leveling and catch Machop. While I was there, Shinx evolved into Luxio. Since Kricketot evolves early, I spent a little time training one of them to evolve into Kricketune. Without a bike, Route 207 is another dead end so I went back to Oreburgh to make my way back to Jubilife.

I went north to Route 204 again. I taught Machop how to Rock Smash and cut through the Ravaged Path to the other end of Route 204. There weren't any new Pokémon before reaching Floaroma Town. I talked to all the people in town, then headed east to the Valley Windworks. I couldn't get inside without a key, but I caught Buizel, Pachirisu, and Shellos in the grass outside. One of the Buizel I caught has a good mix of IVs so I'm using it in my team.

I returned to Floaroma and took the northeast exit to the Meadow, handled two more Galactic Grunts and rescued the guy that sells honey. He gave me the Windworks key and a sample of his honey, which I slathered on the tree by his house. Then I ran back to the Valley Windworks to remove the Galactic infestation. I didn't have any problems against the commander thanks to Kadabra and Machop. The little girl from Route 205 was reunited wither her dad and I slathered honey on the tree outside of the Windworks before healing in Floaromo and traveling up Route 205. I battled all the trainers and healed at the house in front of the entrance to the forest.

Inside the Eterna Forest, I had to pair up with Cheryl, a girl with a Chansey. It's very difficult to catch the Pokémon you want during these team ups, so my strategy is to travel in the grass as little as possible while I get the person to the other end of the route we are traveling together and backtrack by myself to catch Pokémon. Cheryl and I defeated all the trainer pairs and made it to the exit with only one wild Pokémon  ppearance. Once she left, I went back and started catching new Pokémon. I found Silcoon, Murkrow, Wurmple, Buneary, and Beautifly. I caught a couple extra Wurmple to try and evolve into Cascoon and Dustox.

I finally made it to Eterna City and walked around talking to lots of different people. I found the underground man and got my Explorer Kit. I did the underground training and even found a moon stone while I was down there. Then I went to the Gym and beat Gardenia and her Grass pokemon. Roserade defeated Kadabra in one hit but Staravia beat her. I walked around town looking for any more freebies, and then backtracked to check on all the trees I slathered honey on. One wasn't ready, one had a Wurmple and the last one had a Silcoon. I was a little disappointed. I teleported back to Eterna and saved the game.

Current Pokédex Completion: Seen 39, Obtained 25

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