Wednesday, July 3, 2013

LeafGreen Update 7/3

I can't believe it's already July. Pokemon X and Y are only 3 months away! Just going to do a quick update today to catch up on what's been added to my pokedex. I'll be sure to be more detailed next time.

When I ended my last update, I was preparing to take on Koga and Sabrina. My grinding along the routes that lead into Fuchsia resulted in 5 evolutions; Blastoise, Victreebel, Pidgeot, Primeape and Dugtrio have been added to the pokedex. 

In my last post, "Green vs. Koga", I tried my hand at writing a fanfic based on the actual gameplay. I wrote it exactly how the battle played out in the game, but with more detail. I would like to write more mini fanfic chapters like this in the future, possibly focusing more on specific catches instead of battles since this is a pokedex quest blog. I didn't write one for Sabrina or Blaine because they would have been too boring. After defeating Koga and clearing Team Rocket out of Silph (where I got my Lapras) and taking on the fighting dojo (got Hitmonchan), my pokemon were leveled higher than they really needed to be to take on Sabrina. Blastoise and Kadabra used Bite and Shadow Ball to take out Sabrina's Psychics and Ninetales had no trouble with Venomoth. When I got to Blaine, I had Sandslash and Blastoise. All of Blaine's pokemon went down in one hit except Arcanine, but he only took 2. 

I went the opposite way to arrive at Cinnibar this time. I took the path south from Pallet. I caught Tangela, Krabby and Tentacool along the way. On Cinnabar, I revived my fossils to get Omanyte and Aerodactyl. I also fished and caught 4 Staryu (evolved 2 into Starmie and 1 of each will go to Red), and Horsea. Inside the Pokemon Mansion I caught Grimer, Muk, Koffing and Ditto (actually my second Ditto because I got 1 east of Fuchsia). 

Just before taking on Blaine, I traveled to the Seafoam Islands and caught Golbat, Slowpoke, Slowbro, Seel and Articuno. Articuno took forever! I led with Raichu. Raichu paralyzed Articuno right away and it was unable to attack 5 times in a row. I hit it with 1 Thunderbolt and then used Quick attack to get it down to a sliver of health. I really thought the last one was going to kill it but I chanced it. I went through 27 Ultra Balls and almost as many Great Balls before an Ultra Ball finally caught it! I was so close to running out I thought I would have to try again. It probably would have been more worth it to retry for a quicker catch just so I would have more for Zapdos and Moltres.

Once I walked out the door of Blaine's gym, I got the invite from Bill to join him on 1 island. I saved just before going up Kindle Road.

Current Pokedex Completion: Seen 121, Owned 92

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