Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Starting Diamond & Pearl

I meant to only play only one of the Diamond and Pearl series. My file in Pearl didn't even have one badge yet so I was just going to restart it from the beginning. Looking through my games the other day, I found out that Diamond only had 1 badge. So I decided to restart both. I'm starting new files and trading the starter over to make sure that both games get all three for their pokedex.

Diamond will be the main focus for my Pokedex Quest and I'm starting with Turtwig. I haven't decided what I will do with Pearl yet. I may set it aside and play it as a Nuzlocke Challenge when I finish with my Pokedex Quest or I might just progress far enough to catch the Pokemon that I can't get in Diamond. Either way Pearl will mainly be used to support Diamond. Pearl's starter will be Chimchar. I needed Pokemon to trade for the other 2 starters so I caught a couple Starly and Bidoof in both games.

Both games are saved at the Pokemon Center in Sandgem town, ready to officially begin their adventutre. Both have currently seen and owned 5 pokemon.

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