Monday, July 29, 2013

Starting Pokémon White

I forgot how far into the game you have to get before you can trade. It takes much longer to be able to trade in these games than in any other. I'm going to end up doing the same thing I did when Black and White first came out: only starting a new game twice in White and having all three starters between both games. Black had an extra Tepig and a Pansage that I will send to White. I started with Snivy and traded him and Panpour to Black. Now I'm starting with Oshawott. Once I get my Pansear and my first badge, I'll trade extra Patrat, Lilipup, Pidove and/or Purloin to Black for the Snivy, Tepig, Pansage and Panpour to have all 3 starters and all 3 monkeys in White. I'm going with Oshawott because, other than a short Nuzlocke Challenge, I've only used Snivy and Tepig in my gen 5 games.

My game is currently saved right in front of the package from Professor Juniper so I can soft reset for an Oshawott with a good nature.

Edit: I spent more time soft resetting White than Silver. I finally settled for a Hasty, female Oshawott that Likes to thrash about. She was fast enough to attack before Cheren's Snivy. I wasn't looking for "Likes to thrash about" because it means my best stat is Attack instead of Special Attack, but it's another perfect IV and I was happy to have a female with a speed boosting nature.

After we talked to Professor Juniper, I caught Patrat and Lilipup. I made it to the Pokémon center and took Juniper's tour, then went outside to the presentation Team Plasma was putting on. I beat N's Purloin with my Oshawott and she reached level 9.

I took Route 2 toward Striation City and caught Purloin. I leveled my Pokémon a bit before taking on Bianca, then entered the city. I went straight to the Dreamyard to battle the two trainers and get my Pansear, and then went to the Trainer's School to show Cheren who's boss. I healed and went to the Striation Gym to battle Cilan. After I earned my badge, Fennel met me outside and gave me my first HM and asked me to gather some Dream Mist from the Dreamyard. I taught Cut to Purloin and entered the Dreamyard. Bianca met up with me there. We found Team Plasma beating up a Munna to get some dream mist of their own, and I put a stop to it. Fennel arrived and got the Dream Mist she wanted, and I wandered the grass until I caught Munna. It actually didn't take me long to find one, and I found a second one right after.

Back at Fennel's Lab, she gave me the C Gear and explained it's uses and I was finally able to trade Black for the other 2 starter Pokémon and the two other monkeys. I healed and saved at the Striation Gym, ready to move on to Route 3.

Current Pokédex Completion: Seen 10, Obtained 10.

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