Saturday, September 28, 2013

Diamond Update 9/28

Only a quick update for right now. I just finished transferring a batch of Pokémon from FireRed to the Pal Park and I now have at least the final stage of every evolutionary family from the first 3 Generations transferred to Diamond except for the Johto legendaries and Deoxys. The Johto Legendaries are all stored on my HeartGold cart and I have an event Deoxys in Platinum.

My focus now will be to finish collecting the Sinnoh Pokémon. My Platinum cart has most of them, so between the two games I should be able to finish pretty quickly. Then I can start transferring them all to White 2. I'm not as far from my Shiny Charm as I thought I was! I haven't finished SoulSilver or White yet, but I'm going to focus on actually completing my living pokédex before X and Y are released and come back to them while I wait for Pokémon Bank to be released.

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