Tuesday, March 18, 2014

White 2 Pokédex Completed!!

It was a race to the finish as the countdown to X and Y's release closed in. I was literally making my way to N's castle and then to Dragonspiral Tower while I was waiting for midnight in the parking lot in front of GameStop!

In Black 2, as soon as I became the Champion, I went straight to the Nacrene museum to get my cover fossil and revive Tirtouga. I dropped him off at the daycare and started working my way to Zekrom. It felt like it took forever but I finally found Zoroark in Victory Road and chased him to N's Castle. I met up with N and we battled. My Haxorus and Krookodile didn't have much trouble taking out Zekrom. N gave me the black stone and I left for Icirrus City and got to the top of Dragonspiral Tower. I battled with Zekrom again and this time, Espeon's Yawn put him to sleep after Haxorus brought his health down with Dragon Claw and False Swipe. I caught him with an Ultra ball. All that was left was to pick up and evolve Tirtouga. I gave him the experience share and worked on him until he finally turned into Carracosta. I traded them over to white 2 and brought Carracosta to the daycare and left him with the Ditto that was still there from all the other eggs I've been making. It didn't take too long to hatch the egg and then go visit Professor Juniper to get my charms! I finished with about 20 minutes to spare before GameStop started letting people in to get their copies of X and Y. I didn't have any time to try shiny hunting with my new Shiny charm (I really want to try and breed some shiny Eevees), but I at least accomplished my goal. Once I am "finished" playing through X and Y, I want to try and pick SoulSilver and White back up to finish them as well.

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