Friday, May 25, 2018

Crystal, Part 10 - The Grind

My hunt for a shiny Celebi continues. It's been exactly 3 months since I started soft resetting in the Ilex Forest. I even played through a second copy of Crystal on my other 3DS and have been dual hunting. Occasionally I take a break in one game to hatch eggs with my shiny ditto. I've hatched a shiny Larvitar since I last updated, and am now collecting Bulbasaur eggs. I did a good job of keeping count of my soft resets until I hit odds. After that it seemed pointless and I stopped. Getting a shiny Charmander in FireRed has renewed my spirit. Hopefully Celebi will shine soon!

Starting FireRed... Again?

After soft resetting on and off for over 3 years, I finally got my shiny Charmander this morning!

I have already covered a FireRed playthrough in my first journey to complete the National Pokédex, but some time after the hype of X and Y died down a bit, I got really interested in shiny hunting. Shortly before Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire released, I restarted my FireRed to play a shiny badge quest.

So many hours in this room...
The shiny finally showed up while my boyfriend and I were on our morning walk with our dog. He's gorgeous and I can't believe my luck. I imposed a rule on myself where if I wasn't paying attention to my button mashing and I ended up on the nickname screen, I had to give the current Charmander the nickname I had already decided on. This happened to be one of those instances, so my Charmander is named Noir, the French word for the color, black, right from the beginning of my adventure instead of waiting until I get to the Name Rater in Lavender Town.

He also ended up with a Timid nature. For this play through, I would have preferred a nature more fitting for a mixed attacker, but Timid is my nature of choice in the later games with the physical/special split.

Now that I am officially able to begin the game, I'm going to play this badge quest as a sort of Legacy Quest, where I will attempt to talk to or battle every NPC, find every Pokémon and item, and leave no stone un-Strengthed. I'm going to keep the rules of a shiny badge quest, but I'm also going to attempt to fill the Pokédex again. I haven't decided on shiny targets for each badge yet, but I will definitely be shiny hunting all of the legends when I get to them. Soft Resetting with one hand using my Gameboy Micro has become a habit whenever I am on the go, especially when walking the dog, so I will probably attempt to SR everything I can, even though they can take a long time. Anyway... On with the quest!

Get this man some coffee!
After the shock of getting the shiny Charmander, I beat my rival, named Tyler after my brother for this play through, and made my way through Route 1 to Viridian City. I got Oak's parcel from the mart and talked to the villagers to see what was happening in Viridian. An old man was having a temper tantrum and not letting people travel north to Route 2. No one else was very interesting, so back to Pallet Town I went. Charmander reached level 8 by the time I got back to Oak's lab.

Teala, you talk too much! I just
wanted to trade a Pokémon!
I delivered Oak's package, received the Pokédex and some Poké Balls, talked to Tyler's sister (does that make her my sister?) for a Town Map, then went back to Viridian. I healed Charmander and went west to Route 22 for Mankey and Spearow. I caught a Rattata while I was over there because I found one at level 5. I caught a couple extra to trade to LeafGreen for a Bulbasaur and Squirtle, just for the Pokédex. I was using LG to dual hunt for Charmander, and then switched to Squirtle to see which one would shine first. I'm going to make sure it keeps up with FireRed for future double hunts and LG exclusives.

It took me an unusually long time to find Spearow, but I eventually did and went north to Route 2. Pidgey was added to my collection and I moved on to Viridian Forest. I added all 4 of the bugs and a Pikachu to my Pokédex. I made sure to battle all the trainers for the experience, and I found all the items. I plan to spend a while here, both level grinding and hunting. I can technically take on Brock before finding my next shiny, but I think a shiny of anything in the forest would make a great next addition to the team.

Current Pokédex Completion: 12/150