Saturday, July 21, 2018

Shiny Celebi!

Just shy of 6 months of soft resetting, my Celebi is finally pink!

I was soft resetting while watching Stranger Things last night. I was talking to my boyfriend about some plot point and looked back over at my 3DS and saw the pink Celebi sitting there. I was so excited and he was excited for me. After almost 6 months, he was hoping for me to get it just as much as I was. He even poured tequila shots to celebrate, haha.

After throwing a Master Ball (I wasn't about to risk anything after how long that hunt too!), Kurt came back excited about my catch. He made a long winded speech and went back to his house.

I can finally continue on with completing the pokedex. I'll update some of the things I've done while taking a break from soft resets, like trading for the Kanto starters, in my next post after I've had a chance to make some progress.

1 comment:

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