Sunday, February 25, 2018

Crystal, Part 9 - The Pokémon League

I searched high and low throughout Victory Road and I think I found all the items before battling my rival again. I added Sandslash, Rhyhorn, and Rhydon to my Pokédex along the way.

Spr 2c 028.pngSpr 2c 111.pngSpr 2c 112.png

I healed, stocked up on items, and saved at the Pokémon Center of Indigo Plateau before facing the Elite Four.

None of the Four gave me too much trouble. Feraligatr and Crobat handled Will with their Bite attacks, Graveler and Typhlosion were no match for Koga's Poison and Bug types, and Crobat and Meganium KO'd Bruno's Fighting and Rock types. Karen was a little more difficult since I didn't have anything super effective against Dark types, but I paid attention to her dual types and made it past her.

Lance didn't pose much of a threat to Feraligatr. After I defeated the Dragon Master, My team and I were registered in the hall of fame and I was officially made Champion.

Shiny Hunting

After the credits rolled and I received the S.S. Ticket from Professor Elm, I flew straight to Goldenrod to receive my GS Ball. I brought it to Kurt to examine. He needed time, so I spent it doing some soft resetting for a shiny Suicune at Tin Tower. I beat the Wise Trio and they let me enter the Tower. I saved right outside and encountered 100 Suicune before I put this hunt on hold and went to bed. 

The next morning, I returned to Kurt for the GS Ball and saved my game in front of the forest shrine. I am now soft resetting for Celebi.

Spr 2c 251.pngSpr 2c 251 s.png

Friday, February 16, 2018

Crystal, Part 8 - Clair's Dragon Breath

After entering Blackthorn City, I healed up my team and made my way to the gym. I taught Icy Wind to Feraligatr using the TM from Pryce. Feraligatr and Meganium were able to take out most of the Dratini, Dragonair, Horsea, and Seadra on their own. When I reached Clair, my levels were about even with hers. Feraligatr got paralyzed early on and took a lot of damage between the first two Dragonair, so Crobat fought the third. Meganium poisoned Kingdra on the first turn and used Razor Leaf to finish it off in 2 or 3 attacks.

Clair refused to accept defeat and told me to go get tested at the Dragon's Den (get over yourself, Clair!). I had to enter the Dragon's Den 3 times. The first time, I forgot I needed Whirlpool and I had no one on my team to teach it to. The second time, I made it to the house with the dragon elders and I passed his test. Clair finally gave up her badge and the TM for Dragon Breath. Unfortunately, I didn't have an open space in my party to receive the Extreme Speed Dratini, so I left to deposit a Pokémon and returned to get Dratini.
Spr 2c 147.png

Spr 2c 147 s.pngBefore continuing my journey and heading for the Pokémon League, I decided to put that shiny Ditto to use. I brought Dratini and Morpheus to the Daycare and started collecting eggs. After only 11 eggs, I hatched a shiny, female Dratini. I named her Rhaegal after Daenarys Targaryan's green dragon. I plan to evolve it into Dragonite and eventually transfer it to Pokémon Bank with my shiny collection.

I'm now ready to head east to the Indigo Plateau to battle the Elite Four and Lance. Then I'll hit completing the Pokédex really hard.

Current Pokédex Completion: Seen 156, Own 85

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Crystal, Part 7

Spr 2c 162.pngSpr 2c 130 s.pngI didn't waste any time in Mahogany Town. I headed straight for the Lake of Rage. On Route 43, I caught a Furret. I kept on toward the Lake to catch the "Red Gyarados", adding the 4th shiny to my Crystal collection. I talked to Lance after catching the Gyarados. He headed back to Mahogany, but I circled the Lake to gather all the items I could find, battle trainers, and look for wild Pokémon.

Spr 2c 154.png
Spr 2c 101.pngSpr 2c 157.pngBack in Mahogany, I found Lance inside the mart were he thrashed the guys that were putting up a front for Team Rocket's hideout. We went downstairs and he practically disappeared, leaving me to do all the work. I immediately shut off the statue alarms as soon as possible to stop the ambush battles, but I battled everyone else in the hideout as I made my way to the executives and to the machine that was giving off the weird signal. Bayleef evolved into Meganium and Quilava evolved into Typhlosion during the course of battle. I caught an Electrode and fainted the other two as Lance suggested. He gave me the HM for Whirlpool and I left the hideout to battle Pryce.

Pryce and his Piloswine were no match for Typhlosion. I earned my badge and as soon as I stepped outside, Professor Elm called to say Team Rocket was on the radio. He implied that I should go find out what was up at the Radio Tower in Goldenrod; another adult expecting me to come to the rescue...

I flew to Goldenrod and battled my way to the top of the Radio Tower. The impersonator Director told me I could find the real Director down in the Underground. I battled my way through the Underground and saved the Director. He gave me the key to the other side of the Radio Tower, so I returned and made my way to the top again. I battled both of the Executives and Team Rocket was again disbanded. The Director found me and gave me the Clear Bell, and advised me to visit the Tin Tower, as thanks for freeing him and the Radio Tower from the clutches of Team Rocket.

Spr 2c 220.pngSpr 2c 124.pngI flew back to Mahogany and finally headed east toward Blackthorn City. I didn't spend time collecting on Route 44, but went right into the Ice Path; I was in a hurry to get my final badge. I wanted to take my time and actually find a Sneasel, but I was there during the day. I plan to return as soon as the sun goes down. In the mean time, I caught Swinub and Jynx. I always enjoyed the slippery ice puzzles in these games and I was surprised to find that I remembered most of the solutions right as I got to them. I was able to collect all the items and get to the exit pretty quickly. I finally arrived in Blackthorn City!

Pokédex Completion: Seen 151, Own 84