Friday, June 28, 2013

Green VS. Koga

“A mere child like you challenges me? The very idea makes me shiver with mirth. Very well, I shall show you true terror as a ninja master. Poison brings steady doom. Sleep renders foes helpless. Despair to the creeping horror of Poison-type Pokémon! GO! Koffing!”
“Kadabra, you first!”

The two Pokémon appear in flash of light as they materialize from their Poké balls. Kadabra leads off with a Psychic attack that drops Koffing like a deflated balloon. Her speed and special attack powers are too high for Koffing to even stand a chance.
“Humph! I see you have some skill. Let’s see how you fare against… Muk!”

“Let’s not hog all the fun, Kadabra. Come back. Go! Sandslash!”

Koffing and Kadabra are returned to their poke balls in a flash and replaced with Muk and Sandslash. Sandslash starts digging underground while Muk begins shrinking in size. Sandslash immediately resurfaces directly under Muk, nearly depleting his health and Muk responds with Acid Armor, becoming more protected by its putrid, filthy epidermis.

“Sorry, Koga, but that’s not gonna be good enough. Sandslash, use Slash!”

“Don’t get ahead of yourself child! Hyper Potion!”

Muk regains his health and Sandslash misses his mark. The Minimize attack Muk used earlier paid off.

“Dig, Sandslash!” Green instructs, but this dig ends in a miss as Muk continues to build up his protective acid. “Try again!” Muk continues to condense its own body in order to raise evasiveness, but Sandslash manages a hit. Unfortunately, the acid is doing its job and the attack barely makes a scratch. “Keep Slashing!”

Sandslash obeys, swinging her claws through the air and lands a Critical Hit, leaving Muk with just the tiniest amount of HP. However, Muk follows by poisoning Sandslash with a deadly Toxic attack! She will continue to lose health if Green doesn’t end this quickly. Sandslash attempts another slashing attack, but Koga uses his second Hyper Potion, bringing Muk back to full health before it hits, dealing less damage than the previous Dig attack. And again, Sandslash takes damage from the poison. This battle isn’t looking good for Sandslash.

Sandslash continues to slash away at the blob of toxic waste and Muk continues to minimize. Finally, Green decides to pull Sandslash back and bring Kadabra back to the battle.

“Sandslash needs help! Go, Kadabra!”

But this was a poor choice on Green’s part. Kadabra is hit with a Sludge attack and her Psychic attack misses, leaving her open for another Sludge attack that knocks her out.

“Oh no! Kadabra!” Green runs out onto the field to try and comfort her friend before returning her to the Poké ball. “Don’t worry, Kadabra, it’s not over yet. Raichu, your turn!”

Green sends out Raichu and attempts to paralyze Muk with Thunder Wave, but the attack misses. “Toxic!” Koga shouts and Muk hits Raichu with the same deadly poison that infected Sandslash. Raichu’s next Thunder Wave hits its mark and paralyzes Muk, but is it enough to turn the tide? Green yells, “Thunderbolt!” at the same time Koga yells, “Minimize!”

Raichu’s powerful electricity brings Muk down below half health for the third time and Muk shrinks a little more. “One more time!” Green directs her Raichu. An amazing burst of electricity shoots out of Raichu’s cheeks and hits Muk in the middle of his blobby chest, bringing his health to zero.

“Humph! You pulled it off. I admit you have some skill, Green, but your technique lacks the subtlety and precision of a ninja. Muk inflicted some serious damage on you. You have not yet proven to be worthy of victory. Koffing! You’re next!”

Green forgoes the opportunity to switch Pokémon. Without Kadabra, she doesn’t stand a chance against the Toxic onslaught. She knows that she has to revive him and get him back in the game. Raichu takes damage from the poison, dropping below half, and Green uses her Revive.

“Smokescreen, Koffing! Show her how difficult it is to fight something you can’t see.”

Koffing decreases Raichu’s accuracy and Raichu takes more damage from the poison. Green uses a Super Potion on Raichu, but the combination of Koffing’s Sludge and the poison already in his system is too much and Raichu faints.

“If only I had Hyper Potions! You did your best Raichu, I’ll have you back to full health soon. Kadabra, it’s time to take this battle back!”

Kadabra comes out blasting a beam of Psychic energy directly at Koffing, who goes down in one hit.

“Very good, but your Kadabra has taken a lot of damage. And now it’s time for you to meet my strongest Pokémon, Weezing!”

“We’re not backing down! Kadabra, Psychic!” Kadabra extends her arm and the twisted spoon in her hand contorts as Weezing shrieks in agony and falls, completely out of energy.

With a scowl, yet aslmost a hint of a smile, Koga says, “Humph! You have proven your worth! Here! Take the Soul Badge!”

As Green gazes down at her new badge, she remembers the intense training she and her friends went through over the last couple days in order to earn this badge…

to be continued...

Thursday, June 27, 2013

LeafGreen Update 6/27 Part 2

My rival managed to knock out Manky and Pikachu. So I decided to train Pikachu the same way I trained Vulpix. By making it battle everyone and everything I saw until it learned Thunderbolt and then give it a Thunder Stone. So Pikachu battled lots of Ghastly until it reached level 26 and I evolved him to Raichu. Manky had to wait since most of his attacks don't work on Ghastly. The first wild Pokémon I found in the Pokémon Tower was Cubone and I caught it thanks to Pikachu and Ninetales. I accidentally knocked out the first wild Ghastly I faced because it used Curse after I used Thundershock. I hit the second one I faced with Thunder Wave and kept using Double Team but it never used Curse so I hit it with a Thundershock and caught it. I found a second Cubone before I passed the floor with the healing tile. I didn't catch Haunter until after all the Rockets were defeated. 

Mr. Fuji invited me to his house and gave me the Poké Flute as a reward for "helping him with Team Rocket". Now I could finally wake up Snorlax and go south. I decided to catch the one on Route 16 next to Celadon City this time. I tried to keep Snorlax asleep with Sleep Powder and whittle him down. That didn't work out so well. He never stayed asleep for long and would keep Resting. So finally I just switched to Manky and Karate Chopped until Snorlax was in the red and threw a Great Ball before he could use Rest again. I also caught Raticate and Doduo in the grass above Snorlax. I would have earlier, but that battle with the Young Couple took a lot out of me and I rushed off to the center. Once I captured the first Snorlax, I flew to Lavender and ran south to the second Snorlax. Just like Red, I didn't plan on catching the second one. Ninetales confused and burned him, and then gave him a continuous Flamethrower barrage. This Snorlax must have been stubborn because he never tried to use rest. He hurt himself twice and tried to Snore once (I'll chalk that up to Confuse Ray) so he never even touched Ninetales. When the path was clear, I quickly grabbed the Super Rod from the Fishing Guru's younger brother and went back to Celadon to take Cycling Road down to Fuchsia.

I hopped on my bike, battled a few bikers and coasted south, catching Fearow on the way, and arrived in Fuchsia City. I crossed the town and got the Exp. Share from Oak's Aid (now I can return Red's) and went straight to the Safari Zone. I played in there for hours. I caught everything except Dragonair and some of the water pokemon (I want my trip to Seafoam to be worth it after all). I think I made 5 or 6 trips in and once I reached an area that had pokemon I was looking for, just turned on the spot or kept casting out to battle without running down my step counter. I must have seen 4-5 each of Dratini, Tauros, Kangaskhan, Chansey, and Pinsir and only managed to catch 1 of each except Dratini and Pinsir. I only saw 1 Nidoran (male) the whole time I was in there and luckily I caught it. I didn't really want to settle for the in-game trade for Mr Nido. I aslo found the Warden's teeth and made it to the secret house in area 4 to get HM03.

Once I was done in the Safari Zone, I evolved an Exeggcute into Exeggutor with a leaf stone I found on the ground of area 3 (I think) and the Growlithe from Red into Arcanine with a fire stone from the Celadon Department Store to add them to my pokedex. Now I need to focus on raising my pokemon to take on Koga and Sabrina. They both have a level 43 as their strongest pokemon and my current highest is Ninetales at 30. I'm going to wander Routes 12-18 and battle all the trainers I can find and catch any other Pokemon I don't have yet (I know Ditto is found around there).

Current Pokedex Completion: Seen 100, Owned 67

LeafGreen Update 6/27 Part 1

Battling against Lt. Surge's underlings got Sandshrew to level 22 and she evolved into Sandslash. Diglett beat all 3 of Lt. Surge's Pokémon on her own and in one hit (Magnitude 8 and 9 tends to do that to electric pokemon). Thunderbadge and TM34 obtained. On my way back to the Pokémon Center, I noticed one of Professor Oak's aids at the entrance to town. He told me another aid was hangin' at Route 2 with a gift from the professor. How many aids does this guy have?

After refreshing and making a few quick team changes, I ran over to Diglett's Cave and backtracked to Route 2. I traded a kid in the first house an Abra for Mr. Mime and went further south to the building where the aid was hangin'. He gave me HM05 for catching at least 10 Pokémon. Then I went north into Pewter and Cut my way into the employee side of the Museum and got the Old Amber from a man who was laughed at for believing it might hold Pokémon DNA. Then Kadabra teleported me back to Vermilion and I again headed north to return to Cerulean with my Bike Voucher in hand.

I traveled east from Cerulean after picking up my Bike and battled the trainers on Route 9: Bug catchers, Junior Trainers, Hikers and Lasses with the usual grass, bug, fighting, rock, normal and poison pokemon. In the grass on Route 10, I caught a Voltorb and in the Pokémon Center another Oak aid offered me an Everstone if I had captured 20 or more Pokémon. After that I was ready to head into the Rock Tunnel.

Manky grew a lot in the Rock Tunnel, partially thanks to the Exp. Share. She went from level 16 to level 23. A kid in the tunnel also taught her Rock Slide so now she can handle birds much easier. My whole team reached level 23-24 before we made it out of the tunnel and I added Machop and Onyx to my Pokédex.

Lavender Town is really boring until you come back with the Silph Scope, so I healed and passed right through. I bypassed as many trainers as I could between the Rock Tunnel exit and the grass on Route 8. I wanted to catch a Vulpix and give it the Exp. Share before battling all those trainers. I caught 3 for now. I'm training one with a Timid nature, and one will be traded to Red. I think there were 15 trainers between routes 8 and 10. Once I was done battling all of them, Vulpix had grown 7 levels and Kadabra and Pidgeotto both grew 2. Vulpix was now at 22 and the rest were 24-25 when I got to the the Celadon Pokémon Center.

After I healed, I went to the back of the Game Freak building and got my Eevee, to the front of the Game Freak building to get some tea for the guards, to the diner to get my coin case, to the Department Store to pick up some evolution stones, and to the secret retreat on Route 16 to get HM02. I made the mistake of taking on Young Couple Lea and Jed in a double battle. They had a level 29 Ninetales and a level 29 Rapidash. I managed to beat them but it was a very difficult battle. Rapidash's Stomp knocked out Kadabra in one hit and Ninetales kept confusing Wartortle and he was hitting himself more than the enemy. Pidgeotto fainted from from a burn and a couple Quick Attacks that were faster than his own Quick Attack. Vulpix gained another level so it wasn't all bad. I definitely wasn't ready for Erika though, so I went to train on route 7. After a while I got tired of fighting wild Pokémon so I went to the Game Corner and picked up coins and decided to play until I ran out of coins. I picked up 310 and played until I was almost out, then I started winning. And winning. I was betting 3 every time and I won more than I can remember ever winning. Porygon is cheaper in this game so I decided to buy it instead of trade one over from Emerald like I did with FireRed.  

I decided to continue my training in the basement of the Game Corner. After obtaining the Lift Key, I took the elevator down to the bottom floor and battled Giovanni. Weepinbell took care of his rock/ground Pokémon and I used Vulpix against Kangaskhan. I confused an burned him, but he snapped out of confusion after only 1 turn and a Mega Punch knocked Vulpix out. Pidgeotto had to finish the job. I got my Silph Scope (I wonder why it was never part of the game to return the Silph Scope to whoever it was stolen from?) and left to heal. Everyone made it to level 25 or 26. 

I still didn't feel ready to take on Erika. I wanted Vulpix to know Flamethrower before facing her. I returned to Route 7 to work on leveling again. I also used some of the trainers in Erika's gym. I even said hi to Master Roshi on my way in. As soon as Vulpix learned Flamethrower, I evolved her into Ninetales. I healed everyone up and returned to finally face Erika. Pidgeotto took care of Weepinbell and Ninetales handled Tangela and Vileplume. Vileplume was almost knocked out with the first Flamethrower but she held on and used Sleep Powder. Erika used a Hyper Potion while Ninetales was snoozing. When Ninetales finally woke, she used Confuse Ray and Vileplume hit herself. Erika used a Full Heal to get rid of the confusion, but Ninetales was able to knock her out in one more blow. Erika handed over the Rainbowbadge and a TM for Giga Drain. Now it's back to Lavender and the haunted tower.

Current Pokédex completion: Seen 62, Owned 43

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

LeafGreen Update 6/26

Does anyone else find it a little strange that the only way to get out of Cerulean City is to walk through someone's house and use the gaping hole in the wall left by a thief...?

The house that was previously blocked by a police officer was now open to me. I went inside to find the place completely ransacked (It reminded me of my bedroom in Nuvema Town after Bianca and I had our first battle... Oh wait... Wrong game). The man inside told me his TM was stolen. I went out his new back door and found the guy that stole the TM (what was he still doing at the scene of the crime? There is a cop right on the other side of the house!) He challenged me to a battle and lost. He handed over the stolen TM and disapeared. I walked back inside to return the TM, and the man was already so over losing the TM that he wouldn't take it back. And that is the story of how I got the TM for Dig. I am happy to say Sandshrew now has a ground attack.

I made my way south along Route 5 from there, walking through the tall grass in the middle of the path to make sure I found Meowth, but I couldn't continue on to Saffron (stupid thirsty guards) so I took the underground path to Route 6 and Vermilion instead. In Vermilion I picked up an Old Rod and caught Magikarp. Then I switched out Pidgeotto for the extra Spearow I caught and traded it for Farfetch'd. For listening to a long rant about favorite Pokémon, I received a voucher for a free bike (I would listen to someone rant about Pokémon for a $1,000,000 bike any day of the week!). Then I headed east out of town to do some training before getting on the boat. I stopped in at Diglett's Cave and caught some Diglett then went back to the Pokémon Center to heal and switch Diglett into my team. On Route 11 I battled all of the trainers and leveled both Diglett and Sandshrew to level 21. At the end of the Route, I got the Itemfinder from one of Professor Oak's aids. I also caught Drowzee while I was wandering the grass.

I figured it was time to board the S.S. Anne and see this party that Bill gave me his invitation to. Unfortunately, the party was already over. There were still plenty of people to talk to and items to collect though. One of the more interesting characters was this guy claiming to be a global police agent on the trail of Team Rocket. Who tells a 10 year old kid that unless they are lying? I battled all the trainers, sailors and passengers alike, and got all of my Pokémon to level 21-22. Bellsprout evolved into Weepinbell while I was battling sailors on the bottom floor. When I got to my rival, he told me he has already captured 40 kinds of Pokémon. I'm only at 33. There are only 3 possibilities: 1) he has the evolved forms of most/all of the Pokémon I have captured so far; 2) he pleasured the guards around Saffron to get ahead of me or 3) he is outright lying. Anyway, we battled and Pikachu almost got beat by a bird, Kadabra OHKO'd both Raticate and Ivysaur, and Wartortle bit Kadabra until it gave up. With him out of the way, I met the cut master/captain and rubbed his back to help him get over his seasickness. He still wasn't shipshape, so he gave me the HM01 to see cut for myself. I departed the ship, watched it sail away, and returned to the Pokémon Center to heal and save before facing Lt. Surge.

Current Pokédex completion: Seen 61, Owned 33

Monday, June 24, 2013

LeafGreen Update 6/24

I've been progressing slower than I wanted to during the last week. I blame it on Animal Crossing: New Leaf. It's just as addictive as the original Animal Crossing was on the Game Cube. I have made some progress since the last update though.

I made my way through Mount Moon and managed to catch a couple Geodude, Zubat, Paras and Clefairy. I started training a Paras with the borrowed Exp. Share and noticed it wasn't learning new moves quickly so I took a look at it's move pool on Serebii and realized that it wouldn't be able to help me against Misty for quite some time. I put it back in the PC and continued working on my other pokemon instead. I would just hold out for Bellsprout.

When I got out of Mount Moon, I picked up some Sandshrew on Route 4, and entered Cerulean City. After making small adjustments to my team and healing, I returned to Route 4 and leveled my pokemon all to level 16 (hello Wartortle) before taking on my rival and the Nugget Bridge challenge. Pikachu zapped his Pidgeotto (which evolved early at only level 17 o.O), Manky smacked Rattata, Wartortle blasted Abra (poor thing never stood a chance) and Pidgy blew Ivysaur away. Then I beat the trainers on the bridge, received my first Nugget, and rejected an offer to join Team Rocket. Honestly, any team that would keep Jessie and James on that long is just too pathetic for me to consider joining.

After the bridge, I went directly to the grass with Butterfree in the lead to look for some new pokemon. The first thing I found was an Abra (I would have been so happy if this was a Nuzlocke Challenge). Butterfree's Sleep Powder made it easy to catch those elusive Abra. I caught a few of them and Bellsprout and returned to the center to adjust my team again. I chose a Hardy Sandshrew, a Modest Bellsprout and a Modest Abra to join my team and equipped Bellsprout with the Exp. Share. Then I made my way north again to get the rest of the way to Bill's house. Once Bellsprout got to level 16, I moved the Exp. Share to Abra. When we made it to Bill's, I helped him undo his weird transformation experiment and he gave me a ticket to ride on the S.S. Anne (What is with this guy always trying to get me out on open water o.O). I pretended to leave, but went back inside to make sure he wasn't repeating his strange experiment (he wasn't, I guess he learned his lesson) and added Eevee and it's evolutions' pages to my Pokédex.

I walked back to Cerulean to heal and returned to Route 4 to make sure most of my pokemon were at level 18 before taking on Misty. Abra was still holding on to the exp. share, but as I was working on leveling Pikachu, Bellsprout, Wartortle and Pidgey, Pidgey and Abra leveled to 18 and 16 at the same time and both evolved. I moved the Exp. Share to Sandshrew and went back to heal and finally face Misty.

With Pikachu and Bellsrpout on my team, Misty and her flunkies didn't stand a chance. The battles put Bellsprout up to level 19 and Sandshrew made it up to 16. I received my Cascade Badge and a TM for Water Pulse and then went back to the center to heal and save the game.

Current Pokédex completion: 46 Seen, 27 Owned

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

FireRed & LeafGreen Update 6/19


I wandered Cerulean Cave battling some of the strongest wild Pokémon in the world. I didn't catch any as I made my way to the bottom of the cave; my Pokédex only needed data for one Pokémon from here. I took every ladder and followed every path to find all of the items as I searched. Finally I found my target. Mewtwo was just sitting there on a small, secluded island inside the cave, like he was waiting for me. Our battle began. My first attempt at making a catch was with Ultra Balls, but he kept recovering the damage I inflicted on him and he easily knocked out most of my Pokemon in 1 or 2 hits. I didn't have enough time to whittle him down and keep him in the red, even with putting him to sleep. I changed tactics and went with my gift from the President of Silph, the Master Ball.

I soft reset the game for a while hoping to find a shiny, but I don't have the patience to keep doing it for long periods of time so after 25 or so I finally kept one with a Naughty nature and called it a day. Dugtrio dug us out of the cave and Swablu flew us back to Four Island. I connected with Emerald to trade a female Eevee evolution to get a couple more quick Eevee eggs and after they hatched, I traded 1 to Sapphire (clock is frozen at 4:30 PM) and raised it's friendship until it evolved into Espeon, then traded it back to FireRed. I did the same thing with Ruby (clock is frozen at 8:50 AM) and the second Eevee to get Umbreon. My main goal in FireRed now is to collect extras of all of the Pokemon that can't be obtained in LeafGreen to trade them over when LeafGreen is finished with the story.

FireRed PokéDex Completion: Kanto - Seen 149, Own 139
National - Seen 317, Own 304

Those are the Pokémon I still need to obtain data for to complete the Kanto Pokédex in FireRed. Magmar is the one I haven't seen yet. I have a Haunter ready evolve into Gengar as soon as I trade it and a Tyrogue to evolve into Hitmonchan. Lickitung is available via in-game trade once I track down an extra Golduck and Tangela is located south of Pallet. I chose the Dome Fossil and the rest are LeafGreen exclusive so it is just a matter of catching up in LeafGreen and trading them over.


My starter Pokémon for this file is Squirtle, just like the first time I ever played Pokémon. I caught Pidgey and Rattata on Route 1 after I received my PokeDex and Poke balls from Professor Oak. I caught Spearow and Manky west of Viridian City. I battled my Rival for the second time, and actually had a close call. Luckily I had some potions on hand.

I decided to make my leveling in this game easier so I can move through the story faster. I traded my Exp. Share (attached to a Growlithe) from FireRed over to this game so I could have it right from the start. It made it much easier to get Butterfree and Beedrill while I was roaming the Viridian Forest. It took me forever to find Pikachu this time around. When I finally found one, Butterfree's tackle knocked it out in one hit. O_O So I started searching again. When I finally found a second one, I didn't even bother attacking. I just threw a ball and caught it. I immediately gave the Exp. Share to Pikachu and went on my way.

Manky and Squirtle made short work of Brock and his junior trainer. As soon as I stepped out of the gym, I walked east and got my running shoes from the Professor's aid. Then I healed, and headed for Mount Moon. I battled all of the trainers on route 3 and hunted for Nidoran and Jigglypuff. I leveled all of my Pokemon to level 14 by battling wild Pidgey, Spearow, Manky, Nidoran and Jigglypuff and saved my progress at the Pokemon center outside Mount Moon.

LeafGreen PokéDex Completion: Seen 21, Own 17